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Awesomeness :iconiloveyouplz: No more to say;;


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whoa it's been a while again since I write a journal, how are you guys? It's have been two months and I'm sure a lot of things happened to you! Already noticed that everyone gotten awesome day by day and improving like crazy, really, I'm so jelly with you all :iconallmytearplz::iconsparklesplz:

Well, a lot of things happened to me too, exams, yearbook project, graduation... Now is still struggling to pass university exam XvX;; hope it will be last for me and then I can update as regularly as before. Wish me luck TwT//

as for commissions, art trades and other stuff, I make it scheduled into transition time between graduating and college, which is like, 3 months holiday! I really apologize for the delayed due date and become a procrastinator myself orz, I'm actually quite moody when it comes to drawing, but will always try my best when I'm on it QvQ bbbb thank you for having faith in me/hugs you all:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

So this time I'll also use this opportunity for posting a tag journal thingy :iconsparklesplz: a year, two months before, two friends tagged me and it's now that I can be able to properly answer them/lame/ this might be cliche, long and rotten orz but I had fun answering it~ thank you for the tag, :iconpiyoooo13: and :iconkeihoshi:!

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.(unless you don't have 10 people, just tag as many people as possible ^^)
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

five random things :                                          
1. love 80-90's songs and country music genre ///v///
2. have bias with dark places (even if I go to bathroom, I often didn't turn the light on)
3. have an irrational fear with cicak (house lizard)
4. have a tendency to call people with my own decided nickname /I'm so sorry if you dislike it, just tell me c:
5. could sleep while standing in the bus /ok I'm trying not to OTL

questions from kei :
1. Your OTP?
to be truth, I don't know what OTP means /slap/ but I like these people when they are together :
-Claire,Chaine (Baccano!) -->totally see this in sweet romantic way asdfgh
-Kazehaya,Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke) -->love the maturity and naivety of their love///
-Natsume,Madara (Natsume Yuujinchou) -->giving too much feels of a father and son/WEEP
-Yuu,Juri (Watashi Tachi no Shiawase Na Jikan) -->the best angst story I've ever read
-Rin,Daikichi (Usagi Drop) -->still found this a bit awkward, but this totally melted me into a puddle;;

2. Do you prefer working with something you enjoy or working for the money?
something I enjoy ovo;; it's much easier doing my job if I'm enjoying myself >u<

3. Traditional or digital art? C:
I love them both aaaah but why traditional is so expensive OTL

4. Favorite type of anime/manga?
anime/manga that have a complicated story, psychological thriller uvu or slice of life series that heart warming and enjoying!

5. A place or country you wanna visit so badly?
hmm so much place, but I have a dream to visit old museums in various country!

6. From 1 to 10, rate your own drawings dont ask me why, im just running out of questions
6 uvu" /shot/ hope I can improve more!

7. Do you believe in horoscopes? xD
personally not at all/double shot

8. Favorite game? And why?
I rarely played game but Gyakuten Saiban influence me a lot *U* b maybe because I like analytic stuff?

9. Black or white?
both hehe

10. What type of phone do you use?
regular cell phone that I got from my uncle lol. I'm not the type that following mode or such/bilang aja gaptek/slap

11. Do you like me? /shot/ i ran out of questions okay
of course buddy ugugugu let me love you forever/kicked

questions from Piyo :
1. Do you know that we're both AWESOME???? >w<
eh hngg YESSS
2. Love is such a pain. Well, when your life is falling a part, what do you do?
falling apart when broken heart? well, it never occur to me until now but it's not a good thing if we can't move on after experiencing bad things?

3. I don't know what to ask. Can you make your own question and answer it.
...isn't that an awkward thing to do? yes

4. What would you do if I suddenly gave you a kiss on the cheek and it suddenly turn out that I'm an alien?

5. What is interesting about me? If nothing, ouch :( LOL.
TuT we haven't talked after some decades yes? but I still recognize you as one of honest and friendly person///

6. What can you say when someone you cared so much told you "I don't care about you anymore. I hate you. From now on will be

it sounds too drama that I can't even imagine if that happens to me so... ;_;

7. Will you confess to a person you loved for three years even though he/she has a special someone? Why? Is it too late
to tell your feelings?

^v^;; I can't imagine sort of scene;; what would I feel? OTL

8. Is manga and anime important to you?
not that important if we talk about efficiency of time cause there's more important things to do/slap/ but they indeed the greatest inspiration everyone can't deny!

9. Who do you love more, internet or family?
family and friends in internet 8D

10. I'm serious most of the time. How about you? It's better to be serious so that.....?
well, laid back type of people doesn't mean they aren't serious, because being serious means we know what will we do for our life and settle it right ouo b

and my questions :
1. What is the most difficult thing to draw for you?
2. how do you overcome an artblock?
3. how do you overcome procrastination? *(at least your version TUT)
4. Mention 3 artists in dA that inspire you the most!
5. Mention 3 anime/manga/novel that inspire you the most!
6. Mention a place where you get most of your inspiration! *(e.g me: toilet/it's true)
7. link me a drawing that have the most painful progress/most spend your time!
8. What do you think I am? *(a boy/girl/pet/food..)
9. *(at least one of melancholy question ehh) what is your impression of me?
10.give me your most favorite plz account, and make it say some words *(use :iconsaysplz:)
11.tell me one of your embarrassing experience :iconheplz:
*please remove the brackets along with the text before filling it up! /cause they really embarrass me somehow

people who are tagged :
oh you guys don't have to chain the tag, just answer here is fine :iconehesmileplz: cause I love you guys and want to learn much from you:heart:/kicked

thank you for reading! :iconureshiiplz:


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Miles Wright
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hi all, gon/magon's here!

I like lurking around and have a serious procrastinate sickness sob. wishing to be more productive;;

whenever you see I'm not around, it's probably the real life stuff which just block me from internet and make my respond slow, but I'll try my best to reply all comments ;v;

thank you so much for the visit, support, fave, watch and everything!

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too much nice people here (n> u <n)

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:iconsparklesplz: all the artist I respect and adore :iconasdfghplz: :iconsparklesplz:

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